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The Constitution of the United States is the oldest continuously-operating national constitution in the world. It lays out the framework by which our system of government operates, using flowery language that often is vague and unclear. In addition to the Constitution itself, there are over two hundred years of case law analyzing and interpreting the Constitution to apply it to actual legal disputes. These cases range from the unquestionably brilliant (Brown v. Board of Education) to the highly controversial (Roe v. Wade) to the downright atrocious (Dred Scott v. Sandford). There's lots to learn about in this highly diverse area of law, so dig in!

Constitutional Law Basics

Con Law Basics

"Con Law is No Con"

"Make it Brief"

# 85 MakeitBrief.jpg
The Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch

"Marbury v. Madison"

# 88 MarburyvMadison.jpg

"Jury's Not Out on Judges"

# 89 JurysNotOutonJudges.jpg

"Case and Controversy"

"Ripe and Ready"

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"The Commerce Clause"

Disclaimer: The Jack Letter Law is intended to be read for educational and entertainment purposes only. None of the comics or the site's content are intended to convey or give legal advice of any kind. Laws and regulations vary widely from state to state and are often subject to change.  Please consult an attorney for any specific legal issues you may have.

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