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A contract is a legally-binding agreement between two or more persons or entities to do or provide some good or service in exchange for another good or service. It is an integral aspect of our system of commerce, and is a required field of study for every first-year law student. Everyone will be party to a contract at some point in their lives, so read on!

Contract Formation

Contract Formation

"Welcome to Contracts"

"Master of the Offer"

"Lucy v. Zehmer"

# 30 LucyvZehmer.jpg

"Jack in the Hot Seat"

"A Deal's a Deal"

Contract Validity

Validity of a Contract

"Void or Voidable?"

"Contract with a Conman"

"Feeling Like Royalties"


Terms of a Contract

Terms of a Contract

"Computer Companies Hate Us"

Contract Performance

Contract Performance

"Doesn't Take Two to Tango"

Purchase & Sales of Goods

Purchase & Sales of Goods

"Let the Buyer Be Particular"

Disclaimer: The Jack Letter Law is intended to be read for educational and entertainment purposes only. None of the comics or the site's content are intended to convey or give legal advice of any kind. Laws and regulations vary widely from state to state and are often subject to change.  Please consult an attorney for any specific legal issues you may have.

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