Often considered the most abstract and difficult first-year course in law school, Property deals with the very tricky issues of who can claim ownership of a piece of property, what rights they have with it, and how they can go about selling it or handing it to someone else. The rules  are different for real property, which is real estate and interests in land and buildings; and personal  property, which is most everything else. There's all sorts of fun concepts like adverse possession, eminent domain, and the Rule Against Perpetuities. Which is... if you're a law student who is about to study that, my deepest sympathies.

Personal Property


"Hunting for the Answer"

"Finders Keepers"


Interests in Real Property

"No Interest in These Interests"

"No Rule Against Perpetual Studying"

Sales & Transfers of Real Property


"A Very Grave Matter"

"The Ghost House"

"No Ghost of a Chance"

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